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2018 Non-Profit Rebate Still Available and Looking Ahead For Solar Rebates in 2019

2018 Duke Solar Rebate – Success

solar rebateThe residential and commercial Duke rebate caps have been met for 2018.  Not to fret though, there are still options for you to take advantage of the Duke Solar Rebate program.  In fact, there is still time in 2018, for non-profit organizations interested in solar to secure up to $75,000 in cash rebates to reduce the cost of their project.  If you are a non-profit give Chris Fundanish  a call at 919-459-4155 today or submit your information below and we can help secure your rebate for this year.

The Rebate Ahead

For those homeowners, businesses and commercial building owners interested in Going Solar with rebates in the near future, now is an ideal time to contact Yes Solar Solutions and have your system designed and scheduled for installation starting in October of this year to be eligible for the 2019 Duke Solar Rebate Program.  Here are 3 tips to help ensure you get the 2019 Duke Solar Rebate.  We have been involved with this rebate since its conception and have the latest information on how to apply for and secure your rebate.  Here is an overview of how the solar rebate application process went down in 2018, once the application date was announced.  Our experience and expertise was the advantage and allowed all of our eligible installs to take advantage of the great savings.

Now Is The Time!

We are busy looking ahead and working to get our residential, business and non-profit customers the best prices possible, secure the solar rebate and take advantage of the available tax incentives.  All this while providing the best quality equipment and a level of unmatched dedication to the customer.  We look forward to talking with you soon!

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