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Learn about the benefits of powering your business with solar energy.

Commercial Solar Solutions

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Big or small, publicly funded or privately held, Yes Solar Solutions provides personalized expertise and unparalleled customer service from consultation to installation. We have been installing solar in North Carolina for 15 years and counting. Our unlimited general contractor and electrical licenses in NC qualify us for commercial solar projects of any size. 

High-Quality Technical Consulting

This can feel like a big project. You can trust our experts to advise you on the current opportunities that an investment in solar provides.

Our team provides free, high-quality technical consulting to find the right solution for you.

We’ll walk you through a variety of options including rooftop solar, ground-mount solar, solar structures, and more. We are committed to seeing your solar goals turn into reality.

Why Commercial Solar?

  1. Attractive Tax Incentives 
    The federal government via the Inflation Reduction Act is offering an unprecedented tax credit to businesses.  For the first time, nonprofits are included via the elective pay or direct payment program.
  2. Increase asset value
    Solar energy offers commercial property owners a low-risk opportunity to capture an attractive ROI and increase asset value while switching to a renewable source of electricity.
  3. Differentiate your property
    Consumers favor businesses committed to environmental stewardship. Renters pay more, investors see more, and you stand out. 
  4. Lock in lower energy costs
    Reduces your exposure to rising utility rates by reducing your reliance on utility companies, putting you in control of your bottom line. 
  5. Reduce operating expenses
    Total electric costs will decline, reducing your operating expenses and boosting your net operating income. 
Solar for Businesses
Solar for Governments
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Solar Structures

From solar carports for fleets of all sizes to the eye-catching artistry of solar trees, there is a solar solution for everyone.

Solar Trees

A marriage of the artistic and the practical, solar trees are more than just striking conversation pieces.

Solar Canopies

The go-to parking garage solar company in the Triangle.

Solar Carports

Showcase your commitment to cost-effective, forward-thinking renewable energy while providing shade to your customers and employees.

Your Power, Your Choice.

We make solar simple.