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3 Steps to Get The 2019 Duke Energy Solar Rebate

Solar Installations in the Arcadia Neighborhood in Carrboro in N.C.

By now, Duke Energy customers have likely heard of the Duke Energy Solar Rebate.  We are reaching the cap for residential solar installations for 2018 and getting close on the commercial installation caps.  That said, even though the 2018 allotment of solar is preparing to reach its limit, the 2019 rebate will be available again at the first of the year.  If you are looking to take advantage of this rebate in 2019 and you are an eligible Duke Energy customer, we can help you.

Three steps to help you get the 2019 Rebate:

1.) Get going on your research.  We make solar simple, so in turn, learning about solar can be fun.  Give us a call, we will take a look at your roof via satellite imagery and help you determine your solar options.  We custom design each and every solar system and we learn about you and your energy needs.  This process will ensure you offset as much energy as you can while providing an unbeatable payback securing your investment.  This is also an opportunity to talk about your future.  Future energy costs, your future electric vehicle, and how solar storage can help you with your whole home solution.

2.) We will visit you.  After we send you a preliminary design and pricing estimate, a site visit, at no cost to you, will solidify pricing.  This is a good time to discuss financing options if that is a consideration.

3.) Getting your project going, and in the queue.  We are currently scheduling installations that will be eligible for the 2019 Duke Energy Solar Rebate.  Once your contract is signed, we can start planning your project and get you on our installation schedule. Throughout the process, we will provide the information and communication necessary to ensure you receive your rebate.  After installation, you are good to go, producing clean renewable energy, while offsetting your energy bills.  As part of the Yes Solar Solutions family, our relationship doesn’t end here, it simply grows.

Bonus: We also offer a referral program, and an opportunity to become a solar advocate!

2019 Duke Energy Solar Rebate Details:

  • Residential Solar Rebate – Receive as much as $6,000. Potential Savings of $4,800 for an average residential solar array, with potential savings of up to $6,000.
  • Eligible residential customers will be able to apply their rebate for a system size up to 10kW AC.

In addition to the 30% Federal Tax Credit, Duke Energy customers remain eligible in 2019 to receive a rebate incentive for residential systems up to 10 kW.  The total rebate for residential solar is limited to 5MW per year continuing through December 31, 2022.

  • Commercial Solar Rebate – Nonresidential customers could receive as much as $50,000 and nonprofit customers could receive up to $75,000
  • Nonresidential and nonprofit customers are eligible for a rebate for a system size up to 100kW.

In addition to the tax benefits offered through the ITC and MACRS depreciation, North Carolina businesses with Duke Energy will be eligible for rebates once again in 2019.

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