The Homeowner’s Guide to Going Solar

Sorting through all the information on solar energy and whether it’s suitable for you and your home can get overwhelming. So we have created this guide to help you make your purchasing decisions and help answer any solar energy questions you may have.

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By the time you have finished our guide, you will be able to:

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Sustainability. Community. Value. These three words have guided our business practices since we were founded. Yes Solar Solutions prides itself on providing premium-quality solar energy services to our customers. Because of that, we are only one of ten companies accredited by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). We currently have six certified team members on staff with plans to certify more.

In addition to our NABCEP accreditation, we are also a certified Green Plus Company.

Because we value our planet and our customer’s safety, we had a third party audit our company. As a result, we received a perfect score due to our commitment to quality, safety standards, training, management, and infrastructure.

It does exactly what they said it would.

What’s Included in This Free Guide to Going Solar


How Solar Energy Works

Do you know how solar energy is converted to electricity? We cover that and the safety measures solar system companies take to guarantee our customers’ safety and their homes.


How to Tell if Your Home is Suitable for a Solar System

There are many questions to ask yourself to help determine if a solar system panel is suitable for your home. We cover them all.


The Essential Components of a Solar System

Each solar system comes with essential components that help your system run efficiently while maximizing your savings.


The Pros and Cons of Panel Location Options

The location of where your solar system should be installed depends on several factors, which we cover in this chapter.


Can You Replace Your Power Bill with Solar Energy?

There are several factors when calculating whether or not installing a home solar system will save you money.


How Does Solar Energy Impact Your Home’s Value

A home’s value can be impacted when a solar system is installed on the property. But does it make the value go up or down, and by how much?


Contracts, Permits, and Licenses

Installing a new solar system on your home requires specific contracts, permits, and licenses. In this guide, we cover what your contract should include and how we handle permits and licenses.


Service and Maintenance

Once your solar system is installed, it will need regular service and maintenance to keep it running at peak performance.


How Do You Get Started with Solar Energy?

Solar systems can be purchased through several different types of financing, all of which have pros and cons. We also provide prospective customers with ballpark estimates via our website or by speaking with one of our professionals.

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Where should we send your free solar guide?

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure about solar energy, we have the perfect solution for you. We created this guide to help you understand solar energy and what makes a home a good candidate for a system. We are also here to answer any further questions you may have after reading the guide.

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