Annual Sunshine in the Palmetto State, South Carolina

South Carolina is known as the Palmetto State

A Palmetto lines the street in downtown Charleston, SC
Palmettos line the street in downtown Charleston, SC

The Palmetto, also known as the New World Palm, means “Little Palm” from the genus Sabal.  The Palmetto is a fan palm. It has a bare stalk that attaches the leaf blade, ending in a round fan shape with numerous leaflets. The species are present in subtropical and tropical regions of the Americas.

South Carolina, being in a subtropical climate makes for a great place for the Palmetto to thrive.  You have likely seen many Palmettos lining the streets and covering the land as you travel the Atlantic coastal plain. The Atlantic coastal plain makes up two thirds of the state.  The coastal plain is also referred to as the “Low Country” with the Piedmont and Blue Ridge Mountains known as the “Upcountry”.

If you are reading this though, you are probably looking into solar energy and most likely know your South Carolina trivia!  Perhaps though, you have not made the connection between solar energy and the Palmetto, and the link to the Palmetto State.

Ideal for Solar Energy

Here it is, though not surprising:  The same amount of sun and temperatures that help make South Carolina ideal for the Palmetto, also make the state ideal for solar energy.  The following is according to The National Climatic Data Center, based on “many years” of data.  Annual sunshine in Charleston, South Carolina is 102 Days, partly sunny days account for 109 days, that is a total of 211 days with sunshine.  Columbia, South Carolina is sunny about 115 days out of the year with 103 partly sunny days.  That is a total of 218 days of sun for Columbia.  Greer, South Carolina recorded 121 sunny days, 100 partly sunny days, 221 total days with sunshine.  The takeaway here is that there is a good amount of sun and solar energy in South Carolina.

The NCDC also came up with a percent of sunshine yearly, Charleston 63%, Columbia 64% and Greer, 60%.  This measurement accounts for the percentage of time between sunrise and sunset where sunshine reaches the ground. Once again, this is based on yearly averages from many years of weather observations.  Source:  National Climatic Data Center. The amount of days and the percentage of yearly sunshine, make south Carolina ideal for solar energy…  The tax incentives help too!

The Future of Solar in South Carolina

It would be safe to say the future of solar is bright in the Palmetto state.  Yes Solar Solutions is honored to be rooted in South Carolina, operating out of the Ladson, North Charleston location.  We are Proud to serve all of South Carolina.  From the Low Country to the Upcountry, and in places like Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, Summerville, Columbia and North Charleston.  We are happy to contribute to the South Carolina economy and bring our solar expertise to the businesses and homeowners in the area.  We offer free consultations, have extensive knowledge of South Carolina tax incentives and are NABCEP Certified, among many other certifications and accreditations.  The Yes Solar Solutions, SC Team looks forward to serving you, call us at 843-640-5999 or fill out the form below to get your solar conversation started.

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