Apex NC Solar with Storage Approved

Yes Solar Solutions extends congratulations and appreciation for all the Town of Apex has done to make solar more accessible and affordable to its residents and businesses.

Solar+Storage Approved

A week ago we were notified that the Town of Apex would not allow storage to be installed and interconnected with solar projects under the Town of Apex Utility net metering rider.  As a result of a few phone calls and emails to Town Manager Drew Havens, Director of Apex Utilities Eric Neuman, and Town Councilman Bill Jensen, and especially a technical discussion between Yes Solar Solutions Planning and Engineering Manager Darren Quelette and Eric Neuman, the Town of Apex just informed Yes that they are now approving all solar with storage projects. This is a great example of local government and the solar industry working together to make renewable energy a viable option.

And it is another exciting development in the increasingly solar friendly policies of the Town of Apex, including a recent decision that allows net metering. That enables homeowners to benefit from all the energy generated by their solar PV system at their current rate. In other words, the more you generate, the less you buy, and any excess generation is “purchased” from you at the rate you pay the Town for the power. Residential PV systems are limited to 20 kW maximum AC output and commercial PV systems are capped at 100 kW. You can find all the details at the Town of Apex website.

Apex Solar

We have installed solar on many homes in Apex, and have lists of testimonials from homeowners who trusted Yes with their projects and investments. You can check out some of these testimonials on the map on our third-party customer satisfaction survey service Guild Quality. We have also installed Tesla Powerwalls in Apex, and have many on the waitlist to be installed.  With the federal tax credit for solar (and the Powerwall if it is combined with solar), which is 30% through 2019 and which will be decreasing starting in 2020, there has never been a better time to go solar at The Peak of Good Living: Apex, North Carolina.  Call Yes at 919-459-4155 to find out more about solar for your Apex home.


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