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Solar Panels Carrboro NC

Tax Credits, Energy Independence & Green Living

Home is where the heart is—and solar power can be the heart of your home in Carrboro. A sound investment in so many ways, solar energy will help you and your family become energy-independent while raising your home value and reducing your carbon footprint.

Attractive Tax Credits

Help Reduce Pollution

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Become Energy Independent

Increase Your Home's Value

For years, Carrboro’s residents and businesses have used solar power by installing solar panels and storing energy with battery back up systems like the Tesla Powerwalls. We at Yes Solar Solutions have been the experts serving customers in Carrboro, NC starting in 2013 with one of the first of seven grass roots programs, Solarize Carrboro. It resulted in 77 homes and businesses going solar with Yes Solar. A great example is Arcadia, an intentional  community which boasts solar on most of the homes and the community center for the neighborhood. Yes has been the trusted solar installation company for Carrboro and will continue to make solar accessible for Carrboro residents.

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