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Choosing a Solar Installer

Solar installation

Here is Yes Solar Solutions’ guide to choosing a solar company that has the experience, commitment to quality and safety, the infrastructure to support the project, and the technical expertise to do it right. Questions that can guide a conversation and decision create trust and confidence that the consumer is getting the best value for the best price.

Questions to Ask a Solar Installer

Does the company hold a general contractor license and an electrical license in the company name? Get the license numbers and check them on the state board of electricians and general contractors’ board. In N.C. the company must have both to install solar. Yes Solar ‘s certifications are a good example.

Is the company accredited by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)? The accreditation is the only one available for solar, and there are less than a dozen solar installers in the U.S. that are accredited (Yes Solar is one, and the only one in N.C.). Ask too if the salesperson is NABCEP certified for technical sales, if the Project Manager is certified for installation.

How long has the company been in business? Get references, but also check online reviews. Check the Better Business Bureau listing for the headquarters if it is a national company. There are local reviews on the BBB but there are also reviews in the home state, which can tell you a great deal about how the company operates. Yes Solar Solutions engages Guild Quality, a third-party customer satisfaction surveyor for objective reviews. Check industry associations like the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA) for membership in good standing.

What other certifications does the company have? Yes Solar was the first company in N.C to be certified as a Tesla Powerwall installer, and EV charging. One of the leading solar panel manufacturers, REC, has certified Yes, which enables the extension of the defect warranty on the panels. Yes is certified by SolarEdge for the inverters we install.

Are the people working on my project, the crews, the electricians, the project managers, full-time employees or contractors?  Both national and some local companies are using sub-contractors that do not carry liability insurance, workman’s comp or licenses.

What support can I expect when the solar is installed? Yes Solar provides a complete package of warranty information at the walk-through and will answer any questions. A dedicated service department handles any warranty claims, troubleshooting, or questions about production. If the local company is too small, or not local, a service department is handled on an ad-hoc basis, and if they have no in-house crews, how do they handle service?

Is there a production guarantee? Yes Solar Solutions guarantees solar production within 10% of our estimate for five years and makes monitoring available so the customer can track it.

Ask for references. Nothing is as objective as a customer. Yes Solar can provide you with current and past customers in your area, with similar systems and equipment. Typical projects can be seen here.

Contact Yes Solar for more information or a free estimate at (919) 459-4155 or visit us at Yes Solar Solutions. With 12 years of experience and over 1,000 installations, we are best equipped to help you go solar.

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