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Operations & Maintenance

While a significant benefit of solar power is the relative low-maintenance of its operation, solar panels, storage systems, and associated components don’t just take care of themselves.

Yes Solar Solutions guarantees our work for 25 years. When you install with us, you get our dedicated service department for the life of your product and then some. The way we see it, we installed it, so we’re responsible for it. In fact: even if you got your solar system installed by someone else, we’ll service their work, too, because we know we’re the best ones for the job.

We also offer consumption and production monitoring—so you’ll always know how well your solar system is performing, and whether it could be doing better. Our technicians are the only ones in the state certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. And we’re responsive, personable, and hands-on. If you’ve got a problem, we’ll solve it fast; if you’ve got a question, we’ll answer it thoroughly.

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