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Duke Energy Solar Rebate Lottery Tickets

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Have We Got a Deal for You

Yes Solar Solutions has a special deal for you to buy a solar lottery ticket for the Duke Energy Solar Rebate. This way you can get a chance to win the rebate without spending money now to invest in solar. If the rebate would be an important part of your decision to go solar (up to $4,000), let us set you up to apply without your having to buy solar now. 2022 is the last year of the Duke Energy Solar Rebate, with the July 6 application.

How It Works

By now, most Duke Energy customers know the solar rebate has become a lottery, with applications twice a year. The upside, is that it is no longer first-come-first-served, dependent on who applied in the first few minutes of the application period. Now everyone applying has the same chance if they apply during the week-long window of July 6 through July 13 of 2022. So, it is a lottery in every sense of the word. But… you can buy a ticket!

Yes Solar can submit the design plan and interconnection request to Duke on your behalf for a few hundred dollars, and provide you with your Duke ID number and all the instructions for how to apply for the rebate. If you do receive the rebate you can decide at that time whether to go ahead with your project. There are some excellent reasons to go forward too, even if you don’t get the rebate or get on the waiting list.

Why Go Solar

We have all heard about the ever-decreasing cost of solar. But it seems to have leveled, and even increased, depending on the brand, on the country of origin, on the shortage of raw materials, on shipping, trucking, etc. It is a very volatile market and expected to be so for the foreseeable future with COVID ransacking the countries that provide materials and manufacturing. The specter of inflation adds to the uncertainty. The other cost looming is that of climate change. There is little dispute now that climate disasters affect the cost of energy. And energy rates are unlikely to decrease. You can actually freeze your cost of energy by installing solar now and it will never increase again.

The Easiest Way to Go Solar

If you haven’t heard, the 26% federal tax credit has been extended through 2022, but it will be the last year (unless something changes). If you don’t have the cash to pay for solar upfront, or you would rather take your time, you can have the benefit of solar for the next year and a half without paying anything. Yes Solar can install your solar system with an 18-month same-as-cash option, and you can enjoy all the benefits of solar for a year and a half, and pay for solar after you get the tax credit.

And if yours is the winning ticket to the lottery, so much the better! If you do win the rebate, your system will have to be installed by December of 2022. Recent meter holds by Duke Energy have slowed installations, so the sooner the better to avoid losing that rebate. Now is the best time to get the best work from the best solar company at the best cost. Let us know how we can help make your solar dream a reality!

About Yes Solar

Yes Solar Solutions has been the leading local solar company for 13 years, founded and owned by Stew and Kathy Miller. With over 1,000 projects installed, and as the only NABCEP accredited solar company in North Carolina, Yes has earned a reputation for integrity, quality, and responsiveness. Take a look at some of our 443 rave reviews here, and contact us for details of the solar deal of the century.

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