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Duke Energy EV Charger Credit

duke ev charger credit

Duke EV Charger Prep Credit Program

Duke Energy recently launched the EV Charger Prep Credit program to reduce the financial burden of installing residential Level 2 charging. The program provides a one-time credit of up to $1,133 per household for inserting outlets, improving electrical wiring, upgrading electrical panels and performing other electrical enhancements needed to support home charging.

The initiative stems from Duke’s Make Ready Credit Program, which was approved by the North Carolina Utilities Commission earlier this year. The maximum credit amount was selected based on the revenue Duke expects to generate within a few years of a charger being put in.

By allowing Duke to leverage future kilowatt-hour sales to offset costs, the EV Charger Prep Credit program makes it cheaper for EV drivers to charge up at home. To learn more and see if you’re eligible, click here. Duke is planning similar programs for multi-unit dwellings and other commercial customers (e.g., businesses, fleets and school bus operators), so be on the lookout for more information about those efforts

How to Access the Duke Energy EV Credit

There are two ways to access the credit. The first is for people who already have a contractor selected or who have had charger preparation work completed in the last four months. After submitting an application and supporting documentation, you’ll receive a check in the mail with your credit total (assuming your application is approved). This is retroactive for 120 days! The second opportunity is for people who are not as far along in the process — Duke can help identify a contractor like Yes Solar Solutions to carry out the project, and you’ll receive the credit on your final contractor bill.

Yes Solar Solutions, a Preferred Duke Trade Ally

We can give you a quote on installing your EV charger, break out the estimate for the “prep” work done to make ready for the charger, pull the permit, let our licensed electricians install the charger, and provide you with all the paperwork from our end to help assist in the application for your rebate. Yes Solar is a Duke Trade Ally, which means it has been thoroughly vetted by Duke Energy. Background checks of employees, proof of contractor and electrical licenses, insurance and certifications mean you can depend on choosing a Duke Trade Ally. Yes Is proud to be certified for both EV charging and solar by Duke Energy.

Many electric vehicle (EV) drivers opt for Level 2 charging at home, but the cost to add a charging station can be steep and unpredictable, in addition to purchasing the equipment itself. EV drivers may need to take gradual steps to get their homes ready for installation. These upfront investments can make purchasing an EV cost prohibitive and act as a barrier for drivers hoping to take advantage of the operational savings that come with electric transportation.

The Shift to EV Continues

Many drivers who have already made the switch to EVs are reaping the rewards compared to those who are still driving gas-powered cars. According to new research, released by the Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA), they found that using an EV is three to five times cheaper per mile, nationally than is a gas-powered counterpart. In some states, that number rises to even six times cheaper.

A fill-up with a gas-powered car is currently running about $50 to $60 or more nationally, while an EV charge-up costs around $10 to $15 on average. EVs increase energy usage to charge, however that can be offset by solar panels generating more electricity and energy storage like the Tesla Powerwall. This can save energy and charge the vehicle at night.

Contact Yes Solar for More Info On Our Solar and EV Solutions

Yes Solar is a certified installer of the Tesla Powerwall home battery backup system, and also certified to install EV charging systems for Tesla, ChargePoint and other solutions. A Yes Solar Project Coordinator can walk you through exactly what you need for installation and an estimate of what it will cost.

Contact Yes Solar Solutions to be EV ready regardless of the EV brand or timing for your big purchase.  For a free, no-obligation Solar Consultation… Call us at (919) 925-4707 today, and let’s start working together on getting you to a place of energy independence!

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