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Duke Solar Energy Rebate 2021

If you still need reasons to invest in solar energy for your home or business, look no further than your bank account. If your utility is Duke Energy or Duke Energy Progress, you could save money (even more money than you’ll already save by going solar) while helping to save the world.

All Duke Energy customers who install solar panels are eligible for a healthy rebate! Here’s the short version:

  • Homeowners: Save 40-50% when you combine the Duke Energy solar rebate—up to $4,000—with the 26% federal tax credit.
  • Businesses: Between rebates and tax credits, save more than 70%.

Here are some more details about how the program works:

Home Solar Rebate

  • 60¢ per watt
  • Max $6,000
  • Up to 45% Discount
    (When combined with  Tax Credit)
commercial solar installation

Business Solar Rebate

  • 50¢ per watt
  • Max $50,000
  • Up to 70% Discount
    (When combined with  tax incentives for commercial solar)

Non-Profit Solar Rebate

  • 75¢ per watt
  • Max $75,000
  • Up to 30% Discount
    (Non-profits can’t use the existing tax incentives for solar so this a unique opportunity for non-profits.)
Yes Solar Solutions Installers

This program has been very popular with both residential, commercial, and nonprofit customers! To be eligible when the application opens on July 7, it’s important to start the process of selecting a solar installation company and getting an interconnection request filed as soon as possible.

Yes Solar Solutions was on the working group that negotiated this rebate with Duke Energy, and we are uniquely qualified to help you navigate the process.

You may still qualify for the 26% federal tax credit for installing a residential or commercial solar energy system. Although planned to decrease in 2021, the spending bill passed in December of 2020 extended this credit through 2022 and then decreases 10% in 2023—so don’t wait to take advantage of this savings! Learn more about applying here.

Not sure what to do? We can help! Contact us today and we’ll walk you through your options.

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