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Why would one company have so much lower prices?

Margins on solar are pretty similar industry wide. If two or three companies are all within a few percentage points of each other and one is much lower, why would that be? If a company is outsourcing some or any work for pennies on the dollar, their prices can be much lower. If they are not paying for benefits and a living wage they can be much lower.

Yes Solar uses all local in-house employees who are authorized to work in the U.S., and all positions, (installation, design, product management, and sales), qualify for health insurance, matching 401(k), profit-sharing, life insurance, and training. Sales
compensation is not commission only but includes salary and benefits with commissions. This gives the salesperson incentive to help make the best decision for the customer, not the salesperson who needs the sale to pay rent. If a company is paying sales commission only they have nothing to lose.

Yes Solar has, unfortunately, seen many companies go out of business that had a pricing policy of the “race to the bottom”, leaving customers with unfinished projects and service issues. Having a price that is always the lowest, or will beat any price by $500 is not sustainable, especially if the expectation is high quality and service.

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