Free Electricity: Yes Solar Will Pay Your Power Bill

It is true.  When you sign a contract with Yes Solar Solutions for your solar system, we will pay your electricity bill from the date you sign the contract until the day your solar system passes inspection.  We are so confident of our responsiveness, we will pay up to $300 for the days until you have solar.  We also know how happy you will be to be using clean, renewable energy from the sun, and we are happy to help you start as soon as possible.  This is a great time to get free electricity and the offer is for a limited time.   Call Yes Solar Solutions at 919-459-4155 in North Carolina or 843-640-5999 in South Carolina to get started!   Offer ends April 15, 2017.

Is solar right for you?  We think Yes.  Please Visit these resources to get more information:

Frequently Asked Questions
Why Go Solar?
North Carolina Solar Installations
South Carolina Solar Installations

Or we are happy to reach out to you to answer any questions you may have, submit our request form and we will be in touch!

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