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HD-Wave Solar Inverters

Solar inverters act as the brain of a solar panel system. They take the DC power created by solar panels and convert that power into AC for use in the home, in battery storage or to send out to the grid. Yes Solar Solutions uses the best equipment, setting industry standards with quality long lasting installations backed by the industry’s best warranties. We are happy to help introduce and recommend the new SolarEdge HD-Wave Solar Inverter.  Inverters have changed over the years.  Even with the changes, inverters remain traditionally big, heavy and bulky. Magnetics and cooling components (think the bulk of glass tubes in TV’s) have held back much of the ability to reduce weight.  But similar to the evolution of Television’s change to flat screen technology, SolarEdge developed HD-Wave Technology. Using advanced digital processing, creating a High Definition wave.  The new inverters are now able to use less magnetics and cooling components, are smaller at 14.5 liters or 4 gallons compared to 30 liters or 8 gallons. They are lighter, with the new HD-Wave coming in at 21-25 lbs, compared to 55 – 88 lbs. This is a huge change which allows for easier installation, smaller footprint and increased efficiency.

HD-Wave Technology

  • 16x fewer magnetics
  • 2.5 x less cooling elements
  • Much smaller, efficient and cost effective standard silicon switches
  • Communication Board, extremely low voltage and touch safe
  • Utilizes thinfilm instead of electrolytic capacitors

Comparing the HD-Wave to Traditional Techology

Traditional technology uses inverter switching elements that create a crude sine wave.  Magnetics filter a sine wave, and metallic enclosures, cooling systems and fans dissipate heat.  Conversely, HD-Wave technology creates sine wave with a powerful DSP processor, which synthesizes a clean sine wave with distributed multiple level switching.  Fewer magnetics are required for filtering.  This highly efficient design results in leas heat loss thus reducing the need for cooling requirements.

The new SolarEdge HD-Wave technology is small and lightweight at <25 lbs.  99% CEC weighted efficiency with integrated auto-rapid shutdown.  This will be a great option for a home or business owner!

Head on over to our Instagram account to see a video of the HD-Wave inverter turning on!

SolarEdge HD-Inverter
@yessolarsolutionsnc on Instagram

Best Technology on the Market

Yes Solar Solutions is leading the way in the installation of new technology  from our tested and trusted selection of equipment providers.  With each new technology innovation, we can help make solar more accessible.  Give us a call and we can talk to you about the best set up and solar array design for your situation.

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