Hope and Pessimism on 101st Birthday

A recent letter from Howard K. Ammerman to the News & Observer remarked on his birthday last year (100), when he wrote to the paper expressing concern on the lack of progress in addressing climate change.  This year, he said, “I have a mixture of pessimism and hope.”  His pessimism related to the NC General Assembly’s letting the solar tax credit sunset.  He pointed out the 188 solar companies who employ 6000 people, NC’s second ranking in solar capacity and the essential need for solar energy to reduce health risks associated with coal fired power plants.

His reasons for hope this year, at 101:

Pope Francis encyclical “On the Care of Our Common Home” describing the scientific and moral reasons for protecting God’s creation.

The Paris Agreement setting the stage for goals to reduce greenhouse emissions.

His church, Binkley Baptist in Chapel Hill, donated funds to install 50 solar panels, which Yes Solar Solutions is honored to be installing, and which joins many other churches in North Carolina that view climate change as one of the social justice issues of our time.

Thank you to Howard, to Binkley Baptist Church and happy 101st happy birthday!


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