NABCEP Certification

We are proud to announce Jay Linke as the latest Yes Solar Solutions team member to earn his NABCEP (North American Board of Energy Practitioners) certification.  There are only nine other  NABCEP Technical Sales certified professionals in the state of North Carolina.  Jay took an entry level photovoltaic course and studied for months in preparation for the exam.  Jay has been with Yes for about a year, and spent the first four months on the roof working with our installation crew of Solar Technicians in preparation for his work as an Energy Specialist.

An Energy Specialist is the person on the Yes team that is usually the initial contact for a possible solar client, whether for photovoltaic modules, solar thermal for hot water,  solar pool heating, or well pumps and battery back up systems.  Energy Specialists specialize in assessing a site for solar, recommending solutions, doing the sketch up for an array, analyzing cost, payback and incentives, and then proposing the solutions to the client.

Once a contract is signed, they handle all the rebate and interconnection process and meet with our construction manager to coordinate installation.  They are the face of the company, and represent us in the early stages of a solar discussion.  But Jay isn’t just another pretty face, he plays a mean banjo and is a pretty good cook and soccer player (or so he says).  If you would like to congratulate Jay personally, or learn more about your own solar potential, you can reach him at Yes Solar Solutions (919-459-4155) or


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