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Off-Grid Tesla Powerwall for NC

Yes Solar Solutions has completed various solar plus storage projects, both on and off-grid. Until recently, our Powerwall installations have been exclusively grid-tied. Typically, a Tesla Powerwall installation requires a grid-connection, which raises the question, can you go off-grid with the Tesla Powerwall? Now thanks to a new firmware update and a few key adjustments to the site design, we can install and commission Powerwalls without grid connection. In fact, in early 2020 we completed an off-grid Powerwall installation following their updated guidelines.

But First Came the Ground-Mounted Solar and the Goats

Four Tesla Powerwalls providing up to 54 kWh of energy storage
Four Tesla Powerwalls providing up to 54 kWh of energy storage

Fred Taylor is a Tesla vehicle owner, and a previous residential customer of Yes Solar with 18kW of Solar, and four Tesla Powerwalls. Yes Solar won that project in 2019 with a more creative solution for ground-mounted solar that could accommodate his grazing goats (and we were the only Tesla certified installer for the Powerwall)! We used 60 REC 315 watt panels and 3 SMA inverters. With energy bills of over $3,000 a year and a commitment to sustainability, Fred was motivated for a grid-tied solution at his home.

off-grid solar panels

Ground mounted solar

Tesla Powerwall Off-Grid Paradise

Fred had always dreamed of building an off-grid hunting lodge for guests and customers of his business: Troy Lumber. He wanted to include skeet shooting, a boat dock, bar area, lights, and a refrigerator–all needing power. With four bedrooms for overnight guests, geothermal heat and air conditioning, he turned to Yes Solar again for an energy solution. He had planned for a more traditional solar and battery system; but, once the off-grid capability was available for the Powerwall, it was a natural fit.

Using the ground-mounted 10 kW of solar with 32 REC 320 watt solar panels and two SMA inverters, the 2 Tesla Powerwalls provide all the off-grid power the lodge needs. Fred and his guests can now enjoy privacy and activities at the lodge knowing they have a dependable source of clean renewable energy and a zero carbon footprint in their little slice of paradise.

Interested in learning more?

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Contact us today to learn more about the process for an off-grid solar and Powerwall installation. Our Energy Specialists are more than happy to guide you through the updated site requirements and best practices for a functional and aesthetic solution.

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