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Home Solar System & Photovoltaic Solar Panel Installation

Photovoltaic Solar Panel Systems in Raleigh - Durham & Throughout NC

Solar photovoltaic systems produce electricity from the sun! Here’s how:

  • A typical solar panel array is 16-24 solar panels mounted on the roof of your home, although solar panels may also be mounted on the ground, on a garage or on a barn
  • The solar panels are wired together and collect direct current electricity from the sun
  • The wires are connected to an inverter, which converts the direct current to alternating current, the kind used in your home!

photovoltaic solar panels


Yes Solar Solutions sizes a solar PV system to meet your unique needs. We’ll start by looking at your monthly electricity usage, then at the available appropriate space on your home’s roof, and size a system to ensure optimal payback.

Systems may cost anywhere from $11,000 to $35,000 — but the NC state renewable energy tax credits of 35%, and 30% from the federal government combine to make your investment more like $5,200 to $18,000. So when it comes time to pay your taxes, instead of paying the federal and state government, you can use that money to reduce your dependence on the utility company! Utility rebates can reduce the cost even more.

In addition, your new home solar power system will create an income stream with the electricity you produce. With a 25-year guarantee on solar photovoltaic panels, the payback is better than ever.

Contact us to find out how you can harness the “Power of Independence.” You can see some of the home PV solar panels we’ve installed in our past projects portfolio.

Increase Asset Value

Reduce Operating Expenses

Protection from Rising Utility Rates

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Differentiate Your Property

Installing Your Home’s New Residential Solar System

At Yes Solar Solutions, we install only the highest-quality solar modules which combine state-of-the-art design and manufacturing standards, leading to high-performance solar modules of uncompromising quality. We also look for manufacturers that offer products that are robust and durable, optimized for all environmental conditions, easy to install, and provide quick energy paybacks. Our highly-skilled and experienced solar panel installation teams and technicians ensure that your new solar power system will deliver many years of trouble-free performance.




We are one of only a few Sunpower dealers in North Carolina.  Sunpower modules are a premium panel with greater efficiency per module, requiring less square footage for more output.  The new all black panels create a sleek look to any array.

Our team is certified by REC who manufacturers one of the highest rated performance solar modules on the market.  There are only a few REC certified installers in NC, and one of the benefits is that we are able to offer an extended warranty on those panels.  Due to our purchasing power, we also have competitive pricing on an array of different manufacturers of solar modules like  SunivaLGCanadian Solar and others to meet a customer’s goals, including panels made in the USA, Europe, Scandanavia and Singapore. Our distributors keep us updated on new solutions to help us recommend the best solutions for each client.

Installation of a residential solar system in Raleigh, Durham, Wilmington and surrounding areas in North Carolina is relatively simple and in most instances can be completed in less than a week, following these steps:

  1. Racking: A typical residential installation begins with the installation of a racking system. The racking system is the framework that your solar modules are mounted to. At Yes, we install only the finest racking systems.
  2. Mount Solar Modules: Once racking is complete, solar panels are then mounted to the racking system and connected in series to each other.
  3. Connect to the Inverter: The entire array is connected to a junction box that leads to the system’s inverter, which converts DC power to AC power.

At Yes Solar Solutions, we install high quality inverters which offer high performance, efficiency and reliability, like SMA, SolarEdge, Fronius and Power One, and micro-inverters like Enphase.  Optimizers are another option for individual solutions. Inverters are most often mounted on a wall in close proximity to your homes’ sub-panel and/or electric meter, with micro-inverters being mounted directly to the solar module.  AC and DC disconnects are also part of the system and are installed to allow the flow of current to and from the inverter to be shut off if needed.

Yes Solar Solutions can also offer a range of additional options to guarantee the best solution for a homeowner, from single string inverters to micro-inverters to maximizers,  that increase the output of the panels to a monitoring system that best fits your installation.

The Benefits of a North Carolina Home Solar Electricity System

solar panels on top of home roofA completed system will deliver many years of continual savings. All Yes Solar Solutions recommended solar modules carry limited production warranties of 25 years and inverters which offer a minimum of a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. Yes Solar Solutions systems have a life expectancy of 25-30 years.

In addition to the benefits our state-of-the-art systems deliver, Yes Solar Solutions customers can count on being among the first to know as system enhancements and upgrades develop that yield even greater performance benefits.

Performance Monitoring System: Ensure Optimal Energy Efficiency

Increase the value and reliability of your Yes Solar Solutions energy system in Raleigh-Durham and beyond with a performance monitoring system. Most monitoring systems provide immediate access to vital information about how your solar system is performing. Monitoring services place key metrics and performance data at your fingertips:

  • Current & historical meteorological information
  • Real-time performance and production data
  • Historical performance records
  • Environmental offsets
  • Temperature & solar radiation

View and Manage Your System from Anywhere! A Yes Solar Solutions-installed monitoring system provides information that can be available from anywhere 24/7 through a web browser interface.

Based in Cary, NC, Yes Solar Solutions is proud to offer home and commercial solar energy services to areas all across North Carolina. Cities we serve include Cary, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Wilmington, NC, and beyond.

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