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Solar Panels Raleigh NC

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Home is where the heart is—and solar power can be the heart of your home in Raleigh. Despite being the “City of Oaks” Raleigh has many areas that are a good fit for solar panels. HOAs are more and more supportive of solar, and many older neighborhoods have no HOA restrictions at all. Using a Tesla Powerwall to store the energy generated during the day reduces the Duke Energy bills and you might even qualify for a Duke rebate! Combined with the federal tax credit, solar is a sound investment in so many ways, and solar energy will help you and your family become energy-independent while raising your home value and reducing your carbon footprint. A recent Zillow report found that solar can add an average of 4% to a home’s value. Yes Solar is ready to help you increase your Raleigh home value, reduce your energy cost and help keep solar growing.  Contact us today to learn about Solar Panels in Raleigh NC.

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We at Yes Solar Solutions have been the experts serving customers in Raleigh, NC for over a decade, providing the most professional maintenance and installation of solar panels, Tesla Powerwalls, and electric vehicle charging stations in North Carolina. 

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