Renewable Energy Withstands Mt. Pleasant, SC Winds

Worried how solar panels will hold up on your South Carolina rooftop? Yes Solar Solutions was able to test how a solar panel system holds up under high winds and stress when Hurricane Matthew plowed through Mt. Pleasant, SC back in October. Our solar panels used in this area are wind-tested for loads required by permitting, and solar racking is tested for 120 mph winds, so no damage was done on the Mt. Pleasant project our Yes Solar installers began just the day before Hurricane Matthew hit. That’s good news for Carolinians thinking about going solar.

The hurricane did make the job a little tougher, however. We began this solar install in Mt. Pleasant only a day ahead of the wind and rain, so this project was put on hold as installers had to secure heavy panels until the storm was finished, and then wait weeks for roads to reopen. The intermission paid off for this homeowner, though, who now owns a 12.6 kilowatt solar panel system. Yes Solar used 45 REC 280 watt solar panels and SolarEdge inverters with 45 optimizers and monitoring on this house. The optimizers help each panel perform individually, causing times of shade to be less of an issue.

An Upside to South Carolina

South Carolina may see some destructive weather from time to time, but the state does have one big perk for those seeking residential renewable energy. This homeowner not only qualified for a zero-down loan with Dividend Solar, but as an SC resident, she’s eligible for the state’s solar tax incentive. This 25% incentive can be paid out as either:

  • 50% of the taxpayer’s South Carolina state tax liability, or
  • $3,500 per year, whichever is less (for up to 10 years)

This tax incentive is a huge bonus for SC homeowners interested in getting started with renewable energy. If that’s not enough reason to take the first step, homeowners can also expect a considerable cut in their electricity bills, even as high as 60-80%. Plus, you get the added benefit of knowing you’re contributing to a greener, more sustainable South Carolina.

Yes Solar Has You Covered

Now that hurricane weather has proven it can’t stop our installations, we hope to see many more solar energy users around Mt. Pleasant in 2017! If you’re ready to start your journey with renewable energy, or even if you just have questions, Yes Solar Solutions is here to help. We love getting people excited about sustainable energy and owning their own solar panel system that saves them money.

Call Yes Solar today at (843) 640-5999 or visit us on our site to talk to a Yes Solar team member about your options and advantages. To see more photos and read further about this project, view our gallery.

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