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Smart Thermostats in the Solar Marketplace

Solar Industry magazine reports that EnergySage, an online solar marketplace, and Schneider Electric, a provider of energy management and automation solutions, say they have teamed up to encourage energy efficiency for homeowners by jointly marketing solar energy systems and Schneider’s Wiser Air Wi-Fi smart thermostat.

Wiser Air will be featured in a number of EnergySage-managed solar programs as an incentive to encourage early consumer adoption. The companies have also launched a promotion that offers a $300 cash incentive to individuals who own a Wiser Air and go solar through EnergySage.

“Smart thermostats are a great way to ensure that consumers manage their energy consumption efficiently,” says Vikram Aggarwal, founder and CEO of EnergySage. “We see the Wiser Air Wi-Fi smart thermostat as an exciting new product that encourages energy management similar to solar energy.”

“By working together, Schneider Electric and EnergySage can help owners achieve their energy efficiency goals through intelligent energy management and increased use of renewable energy sources,” adds Schneider Electric’s Yann Kulp. “With solar-generated electricity powering the home and the innovative features of Wiser Air making it easy to manage energy use, the consumer is in control of driving a more sustainable future.”

Yes Solar Solutions is an Energy Sage solar installer in the Carolinas.  Energy Sage provides consumers with a marketplace to solicit quotes from multiple installers before beginning the site visit and decision making process.

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