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Home Solar Energy Storage in NC

Options to prevent or manage power outages are developing every day. When a power outage occurs, not only do the lights go out, but the refrigerator stops running, cell phones and laptops can’t be charged, and even more critical, medical equipment that people depend on loses its power source. Depending on how long the outage lasts–and with recent NC weather, it could be days–this results in food loss for both families, and companies like grocery stores and restaurants.  It results in no communication outlets during an emergency, and far worse for individuals and facilities that rely on power to keep life-saving machines operating. Yes Solar Solutions offers effective options like a sealed gel battery backup to a solar system that can handle critical loads, such as refrigerators, microwaves, well pumps, and lights in several rooms. Yes Solar even has its own sealed gel battery backup system that backs up our server and lights in case of emergency. While an option like this is useful, there’s a new solution that we’re excited to bring to home and business owners across NC.