Solar in the Apex of NC

The Peak of Good Living

The Town of Apex in North Carolina is called the Peak of Good Living.  When they say good living, they include using clean, renewable energy.  To establish Apex as a regional leader in renewable energy production, the Mayor and Town Council are removing obstacles to and providing encouragement for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to be installed throughout the community. To this end, the Apex Town Council has enacted some of the best solar energy policies in the state of North Carolina including electric metering that enables homeowners to benefit from all the energy generated by their solar PV system at their current rate. In other words, the more you generate, the less you buy, and any excess generation is “purchased” from you at the rate you pay the Town for the power.

The Solar Details

Many new homes in the Town of Apex are “solar-ready”, meaning that they include electrical conduit connecting the roof to an electrical supply panel which facilitates the installation of solar PV systems. It is worth noting that if a solar PV system is installed on a new home in Apex during the construction phase, it can be more easily integrated into the roofing and electrical systems of the home.

Residential PV systems shall be limited to 20 kW maximum AC output. Special provision may be negotiated for larger PV systems on an independent connection basis and may require special review, testing and special connection facilities. Commercial PV systems are capped at 100 kW.

You can find all the details at the Town of Apex website.

Yes Solar Installation Projects in Apex, N.C.

We have installed solar on many homes in Apex, and have lists of testimonials from homeowners who trusted Yes with their projects and investments. You can check out some of these testimonials on the map on our third-party customer satisfaction survey service Guild Quality. We have also installed Tesla Powerwalls in Apex, and have many on the waitlist to be installed.  With the federal tax credit for solar (and the Powerwall if it is combined with solar), which is 30% through 2019 and which will be decreasing starting in 2020, there has never been a better time to go solar at The Peak of Good Living: Apex, North Carolina.  Call Yes 919-459-4155 to find out more about solar for your Apex home.

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