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Solar in Winter – North Carolina

Well, after some odd weather this winter, and now with Spring right around the corner, why wouldn’t we have one last snow dusting in and around Raleigh NC this weekend?  The snow falling this weekend follows the script that has played out over the last couple of months and adds one last ride on our recent roller coaster of temps, rain, snow, wind and, of course, sun.  Because of this, we would like to talk about the production of solar in winter. The first day of spring is Monday March 20, and with the changing climate and weather patterns, we can expect these weather patterns to be well… unexpected.

If you are reading this on the wintry March weekend that it was written, you are experiencing lower temperatures. You may be asking yourself (in addition to “why did I pack away my winter coat?”) some common questions about your solar system.  During strange weather, we get questions regarding solar panels performing in unusual or unpredictable types of weather.  We wanted to take this opportunity to answer some of the questions like:  Do solar panels perform in cooler weather?  In snow?  If it is cloudy, will my panels produce any electricity?  What if the wind or any other weather knocks power from the grid out?

Solar Panels Around The World – All Types of Weather

Solar panels have been installed pretty much everywhere, in varying climates, topography and weather conditions.  From arctic weather stations to remote deserts, the south, the north, the east and the west.   Even in space, Bell Labs produced solar cells in the 1950’s and solar cells have been going to space since exploration began.

How About Cooler Weather?

Solar Panels are not dependent on heat, in fact, panels can be very efficient in cooler weather.  Solar Panels function best with light, so as long as there is good sun exposure regardless of the temperature, you can harness the sun’s awesome power!

In Snow?  (Like this weekend in NC?)

Yep, as long as snow does not accumulate on the panels. Typically with the angle of the roof, snow will slide off anyway and you will be good to go.  Even if it does accumulate, our Carolina sunny skies will melt it quickly.

What About Clouds?

Yes.  Your solar panels will still produce electricity even when there are clouds, just not as much.  Your system will generate clean energy as long as there is light.  In winter, the days are bit shorter, so less light.  With spring right around the corner, and leading into the long days of summer, we are entering the time of year where the sun generates electricity for longer periods.

What About Wind? Hurricane? Batteries?

Why do I bring up wind?  Because the wind is howling outside my window and the screen on my porch blew off, no joke!  Wind can knock trees down, which knock out power lines.  When the grid goes out, even if you are net metered, your power goes out.  Unless… you have battery backup.  We offer two great options, Tesla Powerwall 2 and the sonnenBatterie.  In short, we have you covered if the weather causes the power to go out.

Yes We Can Solve Your Energy Problems

Yes Solar Solutions has great options when it comes to solar panels. Our Energy Specialists recommend the best system for you, a customized plan that takes into account your energy consumption, and future energy goals.  We offer many types of solar modules and inverters, depending on your budget and needs.  We are also a Sunpower dealer and a certified REC panel installer, and both panel options offer high efficiency and solutions for all types of weather or locations.  This includes partially shaded home or business sites.

Yes Solar Solutions is the only NABCEP accredited solar installer in the Carolinas, we have a Five Star rating from Guild Quality, and we are BBB accredited with an A+ rating.  We are happy to come out for free to take a look at your home or business, get to know you and put a customized plan together so that we can reach your goals together.  Give us a call at 919-459-4155 or submit the form below and we look forward to starting a conversation about solar!

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