Solar Jobs Contribute Growth to South Carolina’s Economy

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Clean Energy Helps Grow SC’s Economy

Per the recently published SCCEBA, 2016 South Carolina Clean Energy Industry Census, it is estimated that 350 clean energy firms provide more than 18,000 full time equivalent jobs.  For reference, full time equivalent jobs, also known as FTE, is the number of hours worked by an employee that is considered a full time basis. The notion is used to translate the hours worked by numerous part-time workers into the hours worked by full-time workers. These 18k FTE jobs in turn generate over $3.8 billion in annual gross revenue for SC’s economy.

Solar makes up an impressive 18%.  According to the report:
“Building Efficiency (30%) and Solar (18%) represent almost half of all clean energy firms working in South Carolina. Market percentage of other clean energy sectors:  Biomass/Biofuels (13%), Wind (9%), Geothermal (7%), Alternative Fuel Vehicles (7%), Energy Storage (6%), Smart Grid (5%), Fuel Cells (3%), and Hydropower/Marine (3%)”.
Source:  SCCEBA, 2016 Clean Energy Industry Census.

South Carolina is an excellent state for solar growth.  The biggest reason to invest in solar energy (other than energy independence and helping the environment!) is to take advantage of the generous South Carolina solar state tax credit and utility rebates.

Yes Solar Solutions and Solar Energy Can Reduce Your Electricity Bill While You Use Alternative Energy to Help The Environment

South Carolina cities are growing in population, and pollution from coal fired fuel and traffic emissions are increasing, so it is great to see the growth in the clean energy industry.  South Carolina has some of the most beautiful beaches, lakes, rivers and natural areas which benefit from renewable energy.  It is promising to see the SCCEBA report clean energy growth including solar growth in 2016. We look forward to helping grow Solar in 2017 by helping the cities that we serve.   We serve all of South Carolina  and we aim to keep treasured places like Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, Summerville, Columbia and North Charleston clean for the generations to come.

Yes Solar Solutions, Charleston, SC

In North Charleston, located minutes from Charleston and under 20 miles from downtown Charleston, we are located to conveniently serve all of South Carolina.  Established in 2009 and with over 700 installations, Yes Solar Solutions set up locally in North Charleston in 2016.  We are licensed contractors and all installers are Yes Solar Solutions employees.  The South Carolina team operates out of the office located in the Banks Commerce Industrial Center in North Charleston, SC.  Yes Solar Solutions has experienced solid growth in the solar market in North Carolina and is pleased to have added solar jobs to the South Carolina economy.  Contact us today at  843.640.5999 or contact us via the form below.  Follow and engage with us on our SC social channels.  We look forward to seeing you  soon!

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