Solar Myths – 2018 Edition – Part 1

Solar Myths

There has never been a better time to go solar in North Carolina. The friendly atmosphere here is helping home and business owners take advantage of all the benefits solar has to offer.  In 2018, the incentives and rebates are illuminating the possibility of going solar as a viable option for most. Actually, since our company was established in 2009, the accessibility of solar has been increasing. Though the policy has fluctuated over the years, the prices have largely dropped and regardless of the tariffs and trade policies, installers (like Yes Solar) have the experience to navigate the, at times, rugged terrain. Part of smoothing out the rough waters is dispelling some common myths in the marketplace. Clarification speaks to our commitment to the customer and dedication to making solar simple and accessible. Here are the top misconceptions about solar and the North Carolina solar marketplace that we are working every day to clarify.

Myth #1: The Solar Rebate is Gone For Good

This is a misconception.  The 2018 Duke Energy Solar rebate has been filled, yes, but we can help you get the 2019 solar rebate.  To clarify, due to House Bill 589, through 2022 there will be a rebate for Duke energy customers who choose to go solar as long as the application is submitted within the proper window and the allotment cap has not been reached for the year.  What that rebate allotment looks like between residential, commercial and non-profit can be altered every year.

Takeaway:  Give us a call, 919-459-4155 and get scheduled for installation at the end of this year or early 2019, and we can make it simple and ensure you will get your 2019 solar rebate.

Myth #2: A National Solar Company Offers A Better Deal

This is a misconception.  Often, national companies come into a hot solar market, make quick sales using deceptive or inaccurate estimations in financing, production or they have inferior warranties, knowing, once sold they will not have a lasting relationship with the homeowner or business.

Takeaway:  Do your research!  We are local, we are established in NC with over 850 installations.  We are nationally accredited and put our warranties in writing.  We take pride in our commitment to the customer and the industry.  We also have a dedicated service team in case your system does have an issue.  Most often our service team is out helping customers who have systems installed by other companies.  Give us a call, 919-459-4155 and we can discuss your energy goals!

Myth #3: I Can Use My Solar System (Without Batteries) When The Grid Goes Down

This is a misconception.  We field this question all the time, but we can talk you through it and provide some options.  When the grid goes down, your system shuts off so that any energy produced does not go back out to the power lines.  This is a safety feature that protects lineworkers as they work to repair lines after the grid goes down.

Takeaway:  We have battery backup solutions.  If keeping power when the grid goes down is one of your energy goals, then we offer battery storage solutions like Tesla Powerwall, that will allow islanding of your home, producing solar electricity and consuming the electricity stored in your battery.  Yes Solar Solutions installed the first Tesla Powerwall in NC, and the completed the first stacked Tesla Powerwall in NC.  We are a Tesla Powerwall Certified installer and are leading the way in battery storage solutions.

Myth #4: Solar Panels End Up In Dumps At The End Of Their Lifecycle

This is a misconception. With any new technology there is a lot to figure out as far as repurposing the elements that make up a solar panel, but to clarify, the elements of a solar panel can be recycled.  As Europe has been involved with the adaptation of renewable energy, Europe is leading with the decommissioning of the systems and the way and other markets can learn from their experience.  We wrote a great article you can check out on the recyclability of solar panels.

Takeaway: Yes, they can be recycled and we will see improvements in this process as we begin to decommission more systems here in the US.  Especially if there is money to be made!

Myth #5:  New Technology, Including Solar Roof Shingles, Will Make My System Obsolete.

This is a misconception.  We recall the announcement that shifted attention to solar shingles, when Elon Musk announced last year the solar roof shingles and the warranty that backed them up.  We love new technology and we install the highest quality equipment and recommend panels that have been tested time and time again.  Solar shingles may come in the future but you can be assured that the panels you install today will operate within production guarantees for at least 25 years, if not beyond!  Solar shingles (and their vetting) are still a long way out.  Another clarification, there have been other companies who have tried and failed to offer solar shingle options.  While we applaud the effort and encourage the development, we will not recommend solar shingles until we can be sure that they will perform for our customers.

Takeaway: With the efficiencies of modern panels, the price, the tax incentive and the rebate (see takeaway from myth #1) there is no better time to go solar, than right now.

We will continue to work toward clarifying misconceptions and myths in the solar marketplace.  Look for part two of this piece coming soon!

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