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EV Home Charging Stations

The future is electric—of course, if you drive, or plan to drive, an electric vehicle, you already know that. Tesla, Nissan, Chevrolet, Ford, BMW, and Volkswagen are just a few of the auto manufacturers who make EVs. These silent, fuel-efficient, low-emission cars save you money on gas and minimize their impact on the environment.


EV Home Charging Installation in NC

Yes Solar Solutions offers EV home charging installation throughout NC. We’re happy to answer your questions and help you figure out the best way to meet your EV’s needs. From checking out your main panel, to finding the best placement of your outlet/charger, we can help you get charged and on the road.

If you’re just entering the EV market and beginning your research, we’re happy to offer our insights. Driving your EV (especially when paired with solar and batteries) is a leap towards achieving the power of independence—and as a bunch of renewable energy nerds, we are amped to help you get there!

Duke EV Charger Prep Credit Program

Duke Energy recently launched the EV Charger Prep Credit program to reduce the financial burden of installing residential Level 2 charging. The program provides a one-time credit of up to $1,133 per household for inserting outlets, improving electrical wiring, upgrading electrical panels and performing other electrical enhancements needed to support home charging.

The initiative stems from Duke’s Make Ready Credit Program, which was approved by the North Carolina Utilities Commission earlier this year. The maximum credit amount was selected based on the revenue Duke expects to generate within a few years of a charger being put in. By allowing Duke to leverage future kilowatt-hour sales to offset costs, the EV Charger Prep Credit program makes it cheaper for EV drivers to charge up at home.


How to Access the Duke Energy EV Credit

There are two ways to access the credit. The first is for people who already have a contractor selected or who have had charger preparation work completed in the last four months. After submitting an application and supporting documentation, you’ll receive a check in the mail with your credit total (assuming your application is approved). This is retroactive for 120 days! The second opportunity is for people who are not as far along in the process — Duke can help identify a contractor like Yes Solar Solutions to carry out the project, and you’ll receive the credit on your final contractor bill. To learn more and see if you’re eligible, click here or give us a call.


EV Charging Options

Typically, different EV models come with their own proprietary charging accessories and equipment. The Tesla 3, S and X, for example, come with a 20ft mobile connector and several adapters. Adapters allow charging with standard 120 volt household outlets, higher power 240 volt outlets, as well as adapters for public charging stations. The recommended outlet for a Tesla vehicle is the 240-volt NEMA 14-50 outlet, which will charge with the standard equipment at your home.

We have also installed optional charging accessories like the Tesla Wall Connector. Designed specifically for Tesla vehicles, this connector allows for the fastest possible home charging, and provides two lengths of cables (8.5′ or 24′). It’s important to recognize where your power will be coming from and how you park your car in your garage!

We also offer ChargePoint Home, a WiFi enabled residential charger that is ideal for personal garages. ChargePoint Home can:

  • Charge any EV up to 6X faster than a wall outlet, adding up to 25 miles of Range per Hour
  • Set reminders, schedule charging and track energy use with the ChargePoint app
  • Manage home charging with your voice using Amazon Alexa

As you know, we make solar simple—and we make EV home charging installation simple as well!

We also offer Commercial EV Charging Stations.

Solar, EV Charging, and Battery Backup

A common question is how to pair your EV charger with a solar or battery backup solution—and it’s a question we love being asked! We have put together some information showing what size solar array you would need to offset your EV’s charging needs. Want to talk battery backup? We offer battery solutions from Tesla, ChargePointOutback, Sonnen, and more. We can set up a free consultation to discuss all your needs and help develop the right solution for you.

Call (919) 925-4707 to schedule your personalized consultation with our EV Specialist, or book an appointment directly, here.

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