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Our Process

So you’ve done your research and assessed your finances, and you’ve decided: you’re ready to switch to solar power. Congratulations! You’re making a smart, responsible choice. And now you’re probably wondering: what happens after you call Yes Solar?

Step 1: Conversation and Education

We’re a solutions-oriented company.

First we will gather some information. To help us customize your solar proposal, please gather your electric bills from the past 12 months. We’ll use your usage history to size the ideal solar project and estimate pricing.

At an appointment with one of our Energy Specialist, we’ll review aerial imagery of your property to determine your site suitability. We offer preliminary proposal options and can provide a sense of how solar can save you money and increase your independence from the electric company.

Our experienced Energy Specialists can answer all your questions!

Step 2: Site Visit

A commitment to excellence for the customer, each other, and the environment.
After confirming a preliminary proposal, we’ll schedule a free site visit with our design team to confirm sizing, electrical systems, and all facets of a final design.

If everything looks good, we’ll get the ball rolling with some simple paperwork to get you on our installation schedule—and then we’ll take it from there!

Step 3: Project Installation

Setting quality standards for the solar industry.
After you say yes to solar, our dedicated team handles all of the paperwork with the NC Utilities Commission and your electric company. We secure all necessary permits from your local jurisdiction, and our operations team finalizes the plans for your project.

Most projects take only 2-3 days to complete. Our Projects Coordinator will keep you up to speed on exact timelines and scheduling.

Step 4: Post-Installation

Continuing a relationship with you, and providing unmatched customer service.
After your installation is complete, our Quality Assurance Team performs a quality control inspection to ensure that the installation meets our expectations (and yours!). These days, most systems include integrated web-based monitoring, so if you ever have an issue, we’ll be able to remotely check for potential problems.

Finally, we provide you with a Customer Care binder with all as-built design plans, permits, operating manuals, and warranties for your new solar system.

Our extensive years of experience have helped us get this process down to a science. From start to finish, each step ensures you receive the best customer care and an enduring, efficient solar energy system that you can be proud of. We look forward to working with you!