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Why Solar?

The way we see it, there is no good reason to not to go solar. You’re not just saving money—you’re actively investing in the future of your home, your bank account, and your planet. Here’s how:

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It's a Great Investment

Going solar gets you a 30% federal tax credit and up to a $6,000 rebate for Duke Energy residential customers in North Carolina. Prices, tax credits, and solar rebates combined make excellent financial sense.

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The Power of Independence

You’ll be producing your own, local power, protected from rising energy costs. With utility-provided energy, your costs keep rising; with a solar system, your cost per kilowatt remains the same, and your total energy cost goes down.

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Help Reduce Pollution

Dangerous coal ash disposal issues and greenhouse gases from energy production continue to be an issue in North Carolina. You can reduce your environmental impact by going solar, and invest in the future of the planet.

And look, we get it: it’s always stressful to let strangers into your home. Maybe you’ve had bad experiences with the subcontractors who remodeled your kitchen. But that’s not us. When you call Yes Solar, you get Yes Solar: locally owned and operated specialists right here in the Carolinas. We’re professional, efficient, and accredited, and we guarantee our work. We’ll even service other installers’ systems. If you want to check out our reputation, check out Guild Quality, which is a third party customer satisfaction survey service. Our ratings speak for themselves.

We provide customized solar systems, electric vehicle charging stations, solar storage, and battery backup. Yes Solar Solutions is the first Tesla Powerwall certified installer in North Carolina, leading the way in battery/solar storage. And while we’re proud to have an extensive list of industry accreditations, most importantly, we cherish the honest and heartfelt reviews from our customers.