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Solar Pricing Differences

Understanding solar pricing differences | Yes Solar Solutions

With three solar installers’ proposals in hand, are you wondering why they have much different solar pricing? There’s a lot to consider. It might be easy to compare different solar panel brands, wattage, inverters, all of which should be listed on the proposal. There are soft costs, like the level of training and certifications of each company, whether they have a licensed electrician, if they sub-contract work, how long the warranties are, and years and type of experience.

But rarely is the mounting system called out on a solar proposal, nor the manufacturer, when in fact it is critically important to your roof.

Respect the Roof

Many of the newer solar companies are using a “puck” style of attachment that is easily and quickly installed with just sealant, and is, of course, cheaper. Solar pricing proposals rarely list the type of mounting used in the project. Yes Solar Solutions uses a metal flashing system that fits under the shingles, diverts water flow and that depends on sealant as an extra step on the bolt instead of the only method of attachment. The use of ‘sealant only’ and a small round ‘puck’ can void the warranty on a roof, and over the years can lead to a much greater risk of leaking. Ask the solar installation company what kind of mounting they use and about the warranty. You might never think about it and most people don’t. It’s an easy way for the low-cost installer to cut costs.

QuickMount PV does a great job in their video explaining why a buyer should care about the attachment method and factor it into the cost.

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