Solar Rebate Update

Duke Energy announced today that the solar rebate application period for 2019 that opened January 2 filled by January 4, 2019. The more than 2,000 applications reached the capacity for both residential and non-residential projects for both Duke Energy Progress and Duke Energy Carolinas. There is still some remaining capacity for non-profit customers of up to $75,000 per project. Those customers who were waitlisted from 2018 will be notified today.

2018 Reallocation-from the Duke website:

  • Beginning in early January 2019, Duke will begin reallocating any 2018 reserved capacity that has not yet been installed. The reallocation is pursuant to an order established by the North Carolinas Utilities Commission. For customers, it means Duke will be reallocating capacity for the 2018 program.
  • Customers considered for reallocated capacity are those on the waiting list with:
    • Projects connected between Jan 1 – July 26, 2018.
    • Projects connected between July 27 – Dec 31, 2018.
      • Any unused capacity will then roll into 2019.
      • No additional projects will be moved from the waiting list until January 2019.
      • If your project is not connected in 2018 or is connected within 90 days of January 1, you can apply for the rebate program in 2019.

NC Solar Rebate 2020

It is not too early to find out what the solar potential for your home or business is. Call Yes Solar to get an expert free assessment of your roof and how you can still qualify for the rebate in 2020. With 2019 filling so fast, we want to be ready for 2020 (the last year of the full 30% federal tax credit). 919-459-4155


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