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Advanced Physical Therapy

Ken Easters, founder and President of Advanced Physical Therapy in Cary, NC met with Yes! President Stew Miller in 2010. Having some experience with renovating property, Ken was impressed that Stew has a General Contractor license and that everyone at Yes! was so well versed in construction and solar. Advanced PT has an indoor pool used for aquatic therapy and although Ken had planned energy efficiencies like thicker walls and a solar pool cover, his energy costs were still high. The tax credits of 65%, including the 30% federal incentive, which Ken could take as a grant, finally made financial sense to invest in solar at the end of 2011. He recently received a US Treasury check for the grant for about $18,000 which took less than six weeks to get.

Advanced’s 11.3 kW photovoltaic solar array consists of 49 panels of 235 watts each, and 49 microinverters, one per panel. With a flat rubber membrane roof, the racking and panels have cement block ballasts to secure it. The system is projected to generate about 13,000 kWh a year, which will not replace Advanced’s energy needs but will offset it significantly. Ken also felt it made good sense to reduce his energy use and feels his patients will appreciate his efforts. He will soon have his real time electricity generation available on his website.

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