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Clarke Residence

Hamish and Ashley Clarke moved into their beautiful Chapel Hill, N.C. home in June of 2012, and by December, they had not only remodeled their basement level to resemble the Brooklyn they had left, complete with a custom subway tile wall and bourbon collection bar, they had installed a Yes! solar system on the roof. Their decision focused on the investment side of solar, with a tax appetite created by the sale of their Brooklyn home. Hamish notes that he actually saved $6,000 by investing in a solar system versus the capital gains tax he would pay.

They contacted three solar companies, and one knew too little, one knew too much and Yes! was… jusssst right. Hamish said, “Stew was responsive to my needs and communicated right from the beginning. Although he recommended a different solution than the one I had quotes on, Yes! quoted the same system so I could compare. Then the Energy Specialist, Jay, came out for the site visit and showed me how the maximizers would give me better production. It was critical to me to get the job done by the end of the year, and done right. Yes! had a heavy year-end installation schedule but kept their promised date.” Yes! installed a Fronius inverter on a 10.0 kilowatt photovoltaic array of 40 REC 250 watt black panels, with 40 Tigo maximizers and monitoring.

Hamish has a history and family legacy of engineers, builders, plumbers and craftsman. His expectations were high, but he had praise for everyone he met from Yes! owner Stew Miller, to the salesperson Jay, the Construction Manager Rob, to the Project Manager Steve and his crew. Hamish has already recommended us to friends and neighbors, and looks like he will be collecting at least one of the $250 referral checks we offer. Thanks Hamish.

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