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Galloway Ridge

Yes Solar Solutions installed solar rooftops to five units at Galloway Ridge in Pittsboro, NC. Each unit consists of 10 kW of solar using 25 Q Cell Q. Peak duo black panels, 25 SolarEdge optimizers, and 1 SolarEdge inverter.

This project is a Pilot program that may lead to much more solar in this community. Galloway Ridge is going to analyze the data behind the 5 new systems to determine if it makes sense to add more solar to the non-profit retirement village.

Environmental impacts of these 5 Solar Systems.

  • 425 Tons of Waste Reduced
  • These 5 systems will provide enough power to run 165 homes for a year.
  •  These 5 systems will reduce Gasoline Usage by 132,563 Gallons of Gas
  •  CO2 Emissions Reduction – Equates to the same as 30,210 trees growing for 10 years.

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