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After donating several solar arrays to deserving non-profts like Freedom House in Chapel Hill, Urban Ministries in Durham, and the Helen Wright Center for Women in Raleigh, the Durham offices of NC WARN finally got their won power plant. Yes! was honored to be the solar company of choice for the non-profit projects, and even more to build an accessory structure behind their building. We constructed the metal canopy and then mounted 12 REC panels of 245 watts each, with 12 micro-inverters, resulting in a 2.9 kilowatt solar system.

NC WARN is tackling the accelerating crisis posed by climate change. The mission is to replace energy from coal and natural gas with energy efficiency and clean power generation as quickly as possible. The 3800 kilowatts of clean energy their new solar system will generate is the proof of their mission. Check out the link to their Envoy monitoring system to see how much energy they are generating.

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