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Pawelko Residence

The Pawelkos found their perfect retirement home in Siler City, NC on a large lot with no trees and lots of southern exposure. This fit their goal to install the optimal amount of solar they could put on their roof to reduce their energy use and cost.

They did a search and called Yes! for information about NC tax credits and rebates while they were still living in New Jersey. The 7.0 kW system they had in New Jersey took the installer 18 months to install, longer to process their rebates, and even longer to settle the cost with the installer.

Once in North Carolina, they got three quotes and in July 2011 they chose Yes! for a 10.34 kW solar PV system. The system was installed in August and their September utility bill was $7.77!

The Pawelkos were impressed with the efficiency, professionalism and customer satisfaction they experienced with our team, as well as the affordability of the system after tax credits and rebates. The family is very energy savvy, tracking their usage with energy detectives, limiting consumption with energy efficient appliances, the ideal energy efficient household. Once their PV system was generating, the utility came out twice to figure out why they were not consuming more electricity, and it took the Yes! Energy Specialist contacting the utility twice to get the correct credits. Congratulations to another Yes! client setting the example for renewable energy responsibility.

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