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Skram Furniture Company

88 315 watt REC modules

2 Fronius Inverters

DEC Monitoring

Skram Furniture Company craftsmen have expertise in a wide range of materials–including timber, hardwood veneer, assorted metals, leather, and stone–the company’s products are uniquely suited to diverse settings. The furnishings are specified in a broad range of environments from residential to commercial and hospitality.

Skram strives to minimize waste and the use of noxious chemicals, and to use responsibly harvested materials. The company uses non-toxic adhesives and industrial-strength, low-VOC, water-based polyurethane finishes. Locally harvested materials also constitute an important source of timber for skram. In 2008, the company transitioned to a LEED contributing, formaldehyde-free, 100% pre-consumer recycled content substrate in veneered products. The company is a member of American Forests, the Rainforest Alliance,, and the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

Beyond these practices, however, Skram is committed to a deeper interpretation of sustainability, views conservation and recycling as mainstays of the environmental movement, and is dedicated to such practices.

Which led Skram to contact Yes Solar Solutions in March of 2014.  The company had other issues to address first, including the wiring throughout the plant, but Stew Miller followed up with the owner every few months.  When they were ready to seriously consider solar they talked to one other company, and chose Yes because we were “easy to work with”. They applied for, and received a REAP (Rural Energy in American Program) and In December of 2015, Yes installed a 27.7 kW ballasted solar array on the factor’s roof.


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