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Solar + Powerwalls+ Tesla Car: A True Tesla Fan

Fred Taylor put his money where his solar and storage goals were. Fred is an area of North Carolina that has frequent power outages. It is farther away than our usual service area but Fred kept calling! He had a goal to be as independent of the grid as possible. The result was a ground-mounted solar array of 18.9 kW with 60 REC 315 watt solar panels and 3 SMA Sunny Boy inverters, plus 4 Tesla Powerwalls. This is expected to offset most of his electricity usage, including charging his Tesla car.

We’re glad we listened to Fred. Once we were done with this project, he started dreaming about building an off-grid compound that could be used for guests of his business, Troy Lumber. The result was another 10 kW of ground-mounted solar and another 2 Tesla Powerwalls that still cost less than bringing electrical power to the site, the first off-grid Tesla Powerwall installation in North Carolina.

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