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Solar PV/ Solar Thermal

This homeowner in Pittsboro, N.C. got the whole enchilada. He wanted as many PV panels as would fit on his roof, which turned out to be 10 kilowatts. We used 40 REC panels, 250 watts each and 2 SolarEdge inverters, along with SolarEdge optimizers. The two Solstice solar thermal collectors and the 80 gallon tank completed the SolarHot system. And… to top it off, critter guards protect the system from squirrels, those pesky rascals who love a diet of PV wire. Of the installation, the homeowner said it was “superhero work” removing the old hot water tank, and our installers were respectful and careful of the plantings in the yard, owned by a landscape designer. The decision was easy, because our Energy Specialist explained the project so thoroughly and they felt not that they were getting “sold” but that it was a collaboration. The price was close among the three solar companies they consulted, but Yes was offering more value. And the Customer Care package and meeting at the end of the installation they called “fabulous!” What more can we say???

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