Solarworld Trade Case and a Path Forward

Unfortunately, Friday, September 22, the US International Trade Commission unanimously voted in favor of US solar manufacturers Suniva and Solarworld in their section 201 trade case filing that cheap imported Chinese solar modules harmed their businesses and caused them both to file for bankruptcy protection and insolvency.

Suniva and Solarworld proposed a tariff of $.40 per watt on imported solar cells and $.78 per watt tariff on imported solar modules.  If these remedies are imposed, the cost of solar modules could increase significantly in the US causing a disruption in the steady adoption of solar, its economic advantages (jobs) and its environmental benefits.  It should be noted, that Suniva was majority owned by a Chinese company and Solarworld was majority owned by a German Company, with manufacturing facilities in the US.

The case now goes to a remedy hearing on October 3rd ,  then to the President’s desk by November 13th and for the administrations’ final decision on or about January 12, 2018.   The remedies are expected to take effect between January and April of 2018.

The Good News

Friday’s ruling by the ITC found no injury from several nations including Canada and Singapore, which could exempt imports from these nations from trade action.  We are a proud installer of REC Panels, made in Singapore.  We have been a partner of REC’s since 2009 and have installed hundreds of REC systems over the years.  REC offers a high quality product at a competitive price for our customers.  We are a preferred partner and can offer a 12 year warranty, whereas other companies may only offer 10.  We are also establishing and extending relationships throughout the world including in the US, to ensure a steady flow of quality panels in 2018 and beyond to fulfill the needs of our customers and your energy goals.

North Carolina Solar Rebate

In addition to our great relationships with panel distributors and our ability to obtain the most cost effective, highest quality equipment, in 2018 a utility solar rebate will be in effect as of January 1.  Along with this, the 30% Federal Tax credit will still be in place.

We Remained Focused

Our goals remain the same; to make solar simple, help you access solar energy and guarantee “Energy Independence”.  We will continue to provide unmatched customer service and provide the best experience possible, while setting industry standards.  The momentum of solar, and renewable energy in general, will continue as we move to the future.  The US solar industry will continue to work together to navigate these tariffs.  The solar industry, the renewable energy industry as a whole has made great progress and will continue to do so.  Every day we fight for clean energy, which brings clean air, clean water, jobs, security and economic and environmental benefits.  We will also keep you informed about the this case, so that you may make the most informed decision about your energy future.

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