Spotlight Solar at Yes

Spotlight Solar

Yes! is pleased to announce our certification as a solar integrator for Spotlight Solar, one of only a few in the country.  Spotlight Solar makes solar energy structures that look like sculpture… a blend of art and machine.  People often call them solar trees.  We were so excited about Spotlight Solar we have installed our own system.  Having just installed it, we are still deciding if it will be used to power an electric vehicle charging system, parking lot lighting, or offset the energy needs of our building.  Although the Yes offices have a rooftop photovoltaic system that offsets about 40% of our electricity, it is only visible from the other side of the railroad tracks or across the street.  The solar “tree” is an iconic expression of our commitment to solar, bringing new visibility to clean energy.  Come see for yourself our beautiful new solar that looks like sculpture, or go to the website for a photo montage of the installation.

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