Survival, Green Living and Preparedness Expo – Do Not Take Pictures

Greater North Carolina Survival Expo

Prepper ShowLast weekend, July 9th and 10th, Yes Solar Solutions was set up and ready to field questions and highlight the benefits of solar for the folks who attended the Survival and Preparedness Expo at the NC State Fairgrounds – Graham Building.  The headline is correct, there was a request to not take photographs, but we wanted to share the experience and highlight a few common questions from event attendees.  First off, the event attracted a mix of people from all over North Carolina and the surrounding area.  Different professions and backgrounds, all of whom shared some level of interest in preparing for a wide array of possibilities.  These ranged from simply learning how to be less reliant on others for food and energy as a part of everyday life to those preparing for the collapse of civilization.

Seminars & Speakers & Skullcrushers

The weekend was packed full of speaker “seminars” from very experienced survival experts who were well versed in subjects such as emergency preparedness practices,  including food storage techniques and defense.  The show also featured a 2-hour seminar from EJ “Skullcrusher” Snyder.  You may know him from the Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid” and “Dual Survival”.  He is a retired Army combat vet who spoke about survival strategies to make it out alive on screen and off.  Side note:  EJ is currently ranked #3 in the world on the Top Ten Survivalists List.

In addition, the themes of energy, safety, growing food, storing food, homesteading, seeds and survival swirled around the event.

Solar, Green Living & Survival

A movement that resounded throughout this event was that there was an almost “oh yeah” type of realization that Green Living and Survival are one and the same.  Green Living and Survival are often viewed through different lenses, viewpoints that sometimes have a tendency to divide rather than unite.  When you throw categories around like “green living”, “environmentalist”, “survivalist” or “prepper”, people may have some preconceived notions depending on the lens through which you look.  In regards to energy independence, no matter where you start in the realization funnel, you can quickly find common ground with people of many backgrounds and experiences, landing at solar.  In the more broader terms, common ground can be found in energy production, energy conservation, energy efficiency, growing your own food, drinking clean water and essentially taking care of yourself.  The common ground once again,  you CANNOT take care of yourself, those you love, your neighbors, your community… unless you take care of the earth that provides for you.

Common Questions from the Expo:

What can you offer as far as Solar Storage, Battery Storage, Battery Backup?

Yes Solar Solutions is the FIRST Tesla Powerwall certified installer in North Carolina.  We are excited to offer Tesla Powerwall for battery backup.   You can extend your solar generated power for use in the evening or for security during those times when the grid goes down, Tesla Powerwall can integrate into your system.  We have more information on Tesla Powerwall here!

In regards to monitoring we often talk about apps and how everything is connected and monitored digitally.  If the grid goes down, will there be anything within the system itself that would be in “danger”?   The surest way to protect your inverter would be to keep it disconnected from the internet, but that would prevent any type of web based monitoring.  It is a tradeoff .   The best advice would be the same for any device on the internet, change the password frequently with creative selections.

We offer several options for solar storage and are happy to run through the features and benefits of each battery solution to help you find the storage solution that will fit your needs.  We recently wrote about our office battery backup system, and a visit from Outback Power.

How Does Solar Work?

Most people were aware that the photovoltaic (PV) modules on solar panels convert sunlight into electricity.  We fielded some great questions after that, like what are they made of?  PV solar systems react directly to sunlight utilizing modular panels that are made of silicon.  The system generates (DC) direct current electricity. The DC electricity goes to an inverter which converts the electricity into alternating current (AC) for use in your home or business.  Depending on your utilities current policies, you can tie into the grid.  In most cases you can get credits for excess energy sent to the grid.  Going off-grid can also be an option.  We custom design each solar installation and ensure you get the most efficiency out of your solar panel system.  We have extensive knowledge of utility company policies and can help navigate the best set up for you, your energy needs and your home or business

Which Way Does My House Need to Face to Be a Candidate for a Solar System?

Solar Panel Installation, nearing completion, North Charleston, South CarolinaSouth-facing systems are ideal, but southeast or south-southwest orientations can be used with minimal loss of production efficiency.  Adjustments can be made for East or West facing roofs, or there may be other options for ground mounted solar systems. The best thing to do is have a Yes Solar Solutions Energy Specialist out to your home to take a look and provide a free site assessment.  We can customize a solution for you.

How Much Does It Cost?

Solar system costs are based on the size of the system. Each system is sized to the unique annual energy needs of each customer, the structure, and the optimal amount of roof space. We offer free site assessments to get an idea about month to month /annual consumption and electric rate schedules, and financial incentives.

Included in our price is permitting and engineering.  We provide turnkey solar energy systems. Yes Solar Solutions obtains all necessary building and electrical permits for each system we install. We are a licensed general contractor and electrical contractor.  We ensure your installation is done properly and meets all state and local building code requirements. All of our solar installers are Yes Solar solutions employees, you know you’re always getting the best quality work available.

We also have extensive knowledge of residential tax incentives and commercial tax incentives for solar systems in North Carolina that can affect the overall cost of your system. Please contact Yes Solar Solutions at (919) 459-4155 for a free analysis and cost estimate based on your specific situation and needs.  Now is a great time to get started in your energy independence journey, where solar, green living and survival meet.

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