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Midtown Market

Toward the end of 2014, I approached Yes! Solar Solutions with the possibility of a solar panel installation on the roof of my 20,000 square foot specialty retail center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  When I made that first phone call to Yes!, it had been my intention to receive multiple bids for the possible installation.  Jay Linke answered the phone on the other end, and thirty minutes of ‘extraordinary customer service’ later, I was convinced that I didn’t need to make a second call.

For the balance of 2014 and nearly all of 2015, Jay was the project lead in spearheading a 233 panel installation that was ‘gerry-rigged’ amidst existing restaurant hoods and HVAC units atop my shopping center.  He was a tenacious, fearless and effective advocate in shepherding the project through the administrative bureaucracy of Duke Energy and assuring a project delivery prior to the expiration of North Carolina’s tax credits at the end of last calendar year.

I found Yes! Solar Solutions to be a highly professional organization and expertly schooled in the area of commercial solar finances and operations.  Placing a solar system on the roof of a busy shopping center with six existing tenants is a task not to be orchestrated by the faint of heart.  Jay and his team did an extraordinary job and I would recommend Yes! Solar Solutions without equivocation.

Respectfully submitted, Ron Strom

Owner- Midtown Center

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