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Our solar company needed to be local.

The current Duke rebate and Federal energy tax deductions prompted us to look into solar energy.  Having researched it we knew the importance of a very good, reliable solar energy company who have their own employees working on the project rather than contractors.  Also that the solar company needed to be local and around for many years to come in case we needed any technical assistance.

We interviewed the top 4 companies that had the best ratings.  Yes Solar Solutions’ representative did the most comprehensive and professional presentation without a pushy sales approach.

There were some challenges with last minute re-scheduling and needing more timely communications from people who were involved with the various parts of the project.  This is where you hope you have chosen the right company. Yes Solar Solutions addressed our concerns pretty quickly, once we knew who to call, and really listened to what we had to say.

They have a unique level of customer care. After our project was completed, their CEO, Kathy Miller, visited our home to present us with a binder of all pertinent information about our solar panel installation.   Kathy shared with us how they took our and other customers’ suggestions to change their internal processes making it much easier on their future customers. Now there is one customer care person in charge of all communications from beginning to end.  She is easy to reach by phone and will get the answer for you if she doesn’t have it.

When you find a company that is big enough to handle a big project like this involving design, installation, and electrical inspections but nimble enough to quickly make internal changes for better customer service, you know you chose the right solar company.

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