The Top 3 Reasons People Install Solar Panels in North & South Carolina

In a world where much of our vital machinery and infrastructure is powered by fossil fuels, it can be hard to imagine an alternative. In many ways, the energy industry is suffering from a lack of imagination, and it’s become clear as day that we need an alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

Solar power has been around for decades, but it’s finally getting a serious look. At the same time, the solar industry is becoming more energy-efficient and cost-effective as an energy source for both commercial and residential buildings. At a time when the oil and gas industry is in crisis from low oil prices, the yearly growth rate of the world’s solar energy capacity is 102%. Solar energy solutions are finally gaining momentum as a great personal and financial investment.

There are numerous benefits associated with solar panels, but when you work for a solar energy company, you tend to hear the same things again and again. So if you’re considering tapping into the power of the sun, here are the three primary benefits to using solar panels that have already convinced countless people to go green.

1. Solar Energy Savings:

A home solar system installation will provide your home with a reliable, self-sustaining energy source, which would be especially advantageous if you live off the power grid altogether. That might sound like a pipe dream, but a surprising 180,000 homes in the U.S. were off grid as of 2008, and those are just the ones we know about.

But whether you want to cut ties with your power company or just make your building a part of the solar revolution, solar panels are the solution. Investing in the sustainable energy consumption future of your buildings will pay itself off faster than you might think.

2. The Environmental Benefits of Solar Panels:

Every year, 35 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (that’s about 38 million U.S. tons) are saved by solar energy users — a number that will only increase as more people convert to solar power. Personal responsibility for our environment adds up, and if people decrease their individual dependency on fossil fuels, it will help society and our environment as a whole. If getting solar panels is a part of an effort to go green at your business or workplace, you are starting in the right place.

3. Tax Savings and Solar Power Systems:

U.S. federal subsidies can credit up to 30% of solar power system costs, and there are state-specific incentives for the use of solar technology and other environmentally friendly building techniques. If tax incentives aren’t enough to inspire you, then consider how much more money you will be saving over the years by producing your own energy.

The benefits of solar panels are numerous, which is why they’re such an excellent investment for the future, both for you and for the environment. Don’t miss the chance to have your property examined and assessed for optimal solar panel placement, especially if you live in a sunny climate and know that your home gets a fair amount of sun exposure.

Remember: the only thing keeping you from joining the solar revolution is you. Contact Yes today for more information and start saving now.

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