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The Truth Behind A Solar Door-to-Door Sales Pitch

Have you had someone knock on your door claiming you are eligible for free solar? They may say they work for the utility company and are working in the neighborhood offering “a program”. They may say they install solar for a monthly payment that replaces your electricity bill. And others will install it on your roof and you can lease it. We could probably write an entertaining article on this alone!

Door to Door Sales. Is it Legal?

This type of sales typically represents (or misrepresents) national solar companies that do not have local sales teams. They are usually commission-only, 1099 subcontractors. This means they do not invest in, or work for, the company they are selling for. There is a concern if they do not work for a company that holds an electrical license, any recommendations would be illegal.

The incentive for these canvassers is to close any contract they can at the highest price since they are commission only. We see contracts for more than triple the cost they should be. An August 2022 article in The New Yorker pulls the curtain aside on canvassing.

Training is notoriously lacking. Based on interviews Yes Solar has with installers (and some of these salespeople) a high percentage of these projects are canceled. Often the customer didn’t understand the deal or the installers couldn’t fit the design on the roof.

Are any of their claims about solar energy true? We help sort the solar facts from the solar fiction. We know you want to make an educated decision when it comes to choosing solar for your home. 

Sorting Out the Facts

There are door-to-door sales associates that are honest and informative in their pitches. If you hear any of the following information, you can count on it as true:

  • Solar panel usage can significantly reduce your energy cost each month and lead to immediate savings. True!
  • You may be eligible for financing a solar system. A credit check is required if the system will be financed. True! 
  • You may be eligible for a no-money-down program where you do not have to pay anything up-front for solar. True!
  • There are rebates and tax incentives that can reduce your net cost for a system. True!

Know the False Door-to-Door Sales Pitches

On the other hand, some of the information you hear may be misleading. If a door-to-door salesperson claims any of the following, you should know that it’s false:

  • If your roof gets minimal sun or faces in a direction with little to no sun exposure– you can still do solar. It is recommended to NOT install solar panels on your roof if you do not get a lot of sun on your rooftop. Some micro-inverters can help mitigate shade, but a north-facing roof with little to no sun is not a good solar roof.
  • Free, free, free! And there are government programs that offer free solar. Solar energy has many rebate programs and affordable payment options. But one thing is for sure: it is not free. Likewise, the dollar amount you will save monthly cannot be declared by without looking at your electricity bills and proposing a sample layout.  Actual savings depend on your energy usage and previous costs. 
  • Qualification requires you to sign a contract. While you may need to become prequalified, you should never be asked to sign any installation agreements before you are ready to make that decision
  • The door-to-door salesperson claims that they work on behalf of the utility company. This is often a scam, especially if the person asks for your utility bill – do not provide this.
  •  There is a rental option for solar panels. There are currently no leasing options in North Carolina.

Often, it is a visit from a door-to-door solar salesperson that leads homeowners to reach out to local solar companies for more information. They are pleasantly surprised that local companies are almost universally lower in cost than the canvassing companies, have permanent local offices and service teams. 

Benefits of Using Solar

Solar energy is a safe and affordable way for homeowners to power their homes more reliably and cost-effectively. When using a reputable brand that is certified and accredited, you can feel good to know you will not be “sold” on any products that do not fit the specifications of your home. Yes Solar Solutions, is the only NABCEP Accredited solar installer in NC.

Yes Solar has completed over 2,000 solar installations since 2009, including almost 1,000 battery backup systems like the Tesla Powerwall. We offer affordable residential and commercial solar solutions with unparalleled expertise and customer service. Solar panels, energy storage, and electric vehicle charging stations gives our customers energy independence, save money, and reduces the impact on the environment.

To learn more about the facts on solar solutions and how it can benefit you and your home, contact our experts. Call our team directly at (919) 459-4155 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today! 

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