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At Yes Solar Solutions, we have more than a decade of experience installing and maintaining solar panels. We offer our expertise to the residents and businesses of Wake Forest, bringing professionalism and expertise to every solar project and client. In addition to installing solar panels in Wake Forest, we offer solar solutions for storing excess power, and EV Charging Stations.

We’ve completed over 2000 solar installations since 2009, are accredited by NABCEP, and are a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer. Save money, save time, and save the environment. All you’ve got to do is say “Yes”!

Why Should You Say Yes to Solar in Wake Forest?

Every year the cost of living and doing business increases. This is seen in higher energy bills, environmental costs, and losses due to unreliable energy production systems. As a result, North Carolina communities are looking for sustainable solutions. Yes Solar Solutions offers a powerful solution through top-quality solar energy systems and the technology that enables Wake Forest residents to store and use their excess energy rather than relying on local net metering systems.


1. Reduce Your Monthly Bills

A solar photovoltaic system delivers most of the power you need for chores around the home, your use of electronics, and any work completed at your commercial property.

2. Promote Energy Independence

Solar PV technology converts North Carolina’s ample sunlight into electrical energy. The installation of solar PV panels allows residential and commercial property owners to generate the power needed for regular daily activities. This reduces reliance on local utilities and reduces monthly bills.

3. Protect Wake Forest’s Natural Beauty

Did you know that in just one hour a residential solar power system substantially reduces greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption? Sunlight in Wake Forest is plentiful, so a solar PV system is reliable and sustainable.

4. Boost Your Home Value

The addition of solar power is a significant upgrade that boosts the value of homes with Solar Panels in Wake Forest. In North Carolina, solar systems increases the home value almost 5%.

Free Remote Solar Evaluations in Wake Forest

Our free evaluations are remote, using satellite imagery! A phone conversation will help identify if you are a good candidate for solar and what your options would be. We’ll give you a free lesson in solar and if it is not a good fit for you, we’ll tell you.

Call us today at (919) 375-0757 or contact us for your free evaluation. It makes sense to store up your excess power and use it when there’s less sunlight available

Attractive Tax Credits

Help Reduce Pollution

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Become Energy Independent

Increase Your Home's Value

What You Can Expect From Yes Solar Solutions

Ask us about the solutions we offer that protect against power outages, as well as federal tax credits and rebates that increase the value of your investment in solar energy. At Yes Solar Solutions, we collaborate closely with residents throughout North Carolina and in communities such as Wake Forest. We work with you to bring all the benefits of solar power to your community, your business, and your home. Contact us by phone at (919) 375-0757 or online to get started!

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