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Top Solar Company in Durham

Downtown Durham

Durham is earning a reputation for being on the cutting edge for many things these days: restaurants and bars, art, film, hotels, architecture.  It is also on the cusp with renewable energy, to which Yes Solar Solutions can testify, having installed solar on more than 80 homes, businesses and non-profits there. The solar installations range from homes in historic districts to those in rural Durham, from farms and affordable housing to businesses and non-profits.

Solar on Businesses

Ellen Cassilly Architect, Durham
Ellen Cassilly Architect, Durham

Ellen Casilly, Architects, Downtown Durham, North Carolina

For example, Ellen Cassilly Architects has its offices in downtown Durham with a sustainable approach to design. Ellen wanted to set an example for other Durham businesses in the area and make a statement about her priorities.

Learn more about his 15.3kW Solar System in the heart of Durham.

Skram Furniture Company, North Carolina Solar
Skram Furniture Company

Skram Furniture, North Carolina Headquarters

Skram Furniture converted an old warehouse into an energy saving facility for their custom furniture making business.  The folks at Skram know the value of good design and quality worksmanship.  Those are the values the work by when they create which aligns with our values of setting solar industry standards.

Learn more about this  27.7kW Solar System.

Solar on Homes

Traditional Solar

An important influence on the growth of solar in Durham was the Solarize program.  Sponsored in 2011 by Durham non-profit NC WARN, Solarize Durham used its volunteer base to organize events, promote the program, educate homeowners, and vet and negotiate with solar installers.  By saving the solar company dollars in advertising and promotion, the Solarize program was able to offer affordable pricing and make it simple to go solar.  Yes Solar Solutions was the solar installation company for this first of the seven Solarize programs in the Triangle and was the designated installer for all of the programs.  The Solarize Durham program kick-started solar, and Yes continued the momentum installing homes throughout Durham.  See why our residential solar installations are the best.It is tempting to assume homeowners’ associations may present challenges to installing solar, but even historic districts can be friendly to renewable energy if the array is attractive and the association can see the value for the neighborhood.  But solar fits in with any sustainable design and makes a statement about the owners’ priorities. And affordable housing is the biggest beneficiary.

Solar on Non-profits


NC WARN has been instrumental in bringing solar to Durham.  As part of the non-profit’s mission to provide social justice, it has not only facilitated solar programs like Solarize, it has provided grants to other non-profits to benefit those who need it most.  NC WARN has a ground-mounted solar array and it has made possible solar for, among others, Urban Ministries.

Durham Solar Experts

Durham Central Housing Trust
Durham Central Housing Trust

We are proud to offer our customers alternative energy solutions to enhance their sustainability efforts. We go beyond our “selling” of these services––incorporating sustainable practices in all that we do. We use solar power to generate our own electricity. Our Durham solar energy team strives to make renewable energy a reality for everyone!

Here are some more solar panel installation projects completed in and around Durham, North Carolina:

Expanding a Rooftop Solar System, Durham, NC (8.13kW System)

Durham Community Land Trust, Durham, NC (11.55kW System)

Urban Ministries of Durham, Durham, NC (5kW System)

And Just for Fun…  Solar Coffee Trucks

The first mobile solar powered coffee bar, Caffe Belleza.  In 2015, Yes Solar Solutions installed our first solar coffee truck for Tim Morris, owner of Caffe Bellezza in Durham.  See their story and have a cup!

Caffe Bellezza

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