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2012 is a new start on our sustainability goals.  Although we were awarded the Green Plus Sustainable Small Business of the Year in 2011 by the Cary Chamber of Commerce, it is not a destination but a journey.  To start the year right, we signed up for North Carolina State University’s Institute for Emerging Issues “30 Days of Action” challenge.  The suggestion today was to support local businesses.  Being a small business, and appreciating the work and commitment to manage the day to day operations and personally assure 100% client satisfaction, it is a natural for us.  It’s easier than you might think.  Visiting the local Farmers’ Market (Western Wake Farmers Market for us) or using a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture… Papa Spuds in our case) gives you a chance to make local farmers businesses viable.  Looking for the local mom and pop cafe, like the Irregardless Cafe and the Cary Cafe, not only spreads the wealth, but gives you better than average odds that you will be eating locally sourced and homemade food.  And calling your local solar company for guidance in making renewable energy a reality is the best way to make your solar dreams come true.  Share the wealth… buy local!

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